How we work


Like every successful consultancy, we work in partnership with our clients. From the outset, we work hard to understand your business and the environment in which you operate. And importantly, we tailor the right solution for you, one that meets – and exceeds – your needs.

What makes Values into Practice ‘different’ is how we do what we do.

At the heart of what we do is our ‘coach approach’. We don’t tell clients what the answer is; we create space for discovery and insight thereby fostering ownership, choice and responsibility in every client.

When we ask our clients what they enjoy about working with us, of course, it is the outcomes we deliver. But over and above that, they say we make the complex and the difficult, manageable, do-able and simple. We are unassuming. We are generous of ourselves and the knowledge that we have. And clients say we are deceptively rigorous. That we have so much knowledge and expertise, yet we offer it lightly.

Since Values into Practice launched in 1996, we have established a client base only through word of mouth. We hope and believe this is a tribute to the quality of what we deliver, and the way that we work with clients.

If you are interested in learning more about us and how we can support you to realise your vision and goals, call us now on 0044 (0)7775 910107 or 0044 (0)1252 626688 or email by clicking here.