Values into Practice was started in 1996 by Tracy Cleghorn when she identified a disconnect between the results individuals and organisations aspired to, and those they enjoyed. This disconnect is where Values into Practice comes to life.

Working with individuals and organisations, we help make the connection between the ‘how’ and the ‘what’. We help clients to understand ‘how’ they behave (based on their beliefs and values) connects with ‘what’ they achieve i.e. outcomes or results. Our passion is in helping clients achieve exceptional customer service, customer delight and sustained profitability and growth by connecting the ‘how’ with the ‘what’.

Or, said another way, putting their values into practice.

Values into Practice support clients to build the people side of their business and in doing so focuses on what many organisations describe as the ‘soft stuff’. The irony is, the soft side of business is in fact the toughest element of all and it has a major impact on hard measures such as profit and long term growth.

With over 20 years of business experience, a Masters degree and an extensive array of qualifications in professional coaching and management, Tracy is perfectly placed to help organisations achieve hard improvements via the soft stuff.


Values into Practice work with a close team of highly skilled, professional and credible associates, all of whom share our philosophy. Together they bring a wealth of experience and skills to our client projects. In working with our clients, we take great care to match style, capability and experience with your organisation and needs. As part of our careful matching process, we send you associate biographies as well as inviting you to meet the team before any work begins.

If you are interested in learning more about us and how we can support you to realise your vision and goals, call us now on 0044 (0)7775 910107 or 0044 (0)1252 626688 or email by clicking here.